Family Science Night on Zoom


This Friday night, gather your fellow quarantines and meet the Nicholses at 6:30pm on Zoom for some family fun!  We’ll guide you through some science activities you can do along with us.

Meeting ID is 975-9276-1240.

All you’ll need to participate is a few basic household supplies (listed below).  We’ll guide you through several fun activities everyone can do together.  Won’t get to them all, but we’ll go until we run out of time at 8pm:

  1. Walking on Eggs
  2. Naked Eggs/Floating Eggs
  3. Egg Geodes
  4. Egg Drop Challenge
  5. CO2 Balloon
  6. Rainbow density column
  7. Color Changing Milk
  8. Air Can Crush
  9. Fireproof Balloon
  10. Volcano in a Cup

Supplies are very basic, and you don’t need everything to join in the fun (We get the whole quarantine thing).  Don’t feel like you can’t participate if you’re missing one or two items – you can substitute most things, or just skip one activity if you have to.

Going to be GREAT.  Just join us, anybody and everybody is welcome!  Love you guys,



List of Materials to have:

  • Eggs* (at least 6, but 2 dozen + for real fun)
  • Food coloring- several colors*
  • small candle
  • Milk and/or Pepper
  • Vinegar
  • 2-3 balloons (bigger than water balloons)
  • Alum (1st choice), Borax (2nd), or Sugar (third)
  • Salt (large Can)
  • A few dishes and knick knacks Im sure you’ll have- cups, plates, pie pan, etc.

*Pretty essential if you want to have any fun.  The rest?  Just do what you can.


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