5. In the Beginning

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“Hit the earth with enough photons, and eventually, it’ll grow a human.” – somebody

I’ll move quickly, so we can get to lunch.  

Roughly 13.7 billion years ago, the universe began in a flash.[1]  (Avoiding rabbit holes.[2])

This part is weird, because none of us have any real clue what went on the first trillionth of a second, or why.

Somehow, out of that flash came[3] two primeval forces: chaos and order. [4]  Lets just refer to them as the invisible forces such as gravity and friction (chaos) vs. the visible energy (photons) of the expanding cosmos (order).   I don’t pretend to understand this part.

But we humans were born in the midst of this continued struggle.  Life is essentially an 80-year battle against gravity.  

So far, out of this chaos and order struggle, order seems to have been the winner.  Hence iPhones.

 Ancient texts like the Enuma Elish[5] or the Genesis account describe creation as a process by which the gods turned chaos into order, or brought life from primeval waters.[6]  In these texts, there was either a fight between order and chaos, or sex (a.k.a. rape) between their representative gods[7], or a spoken word calling chaos into order. [8] 

At any rate, order triumphs, and now here we are in cities looking at mind numbing screens ordering Unicorn Farts. 

I don’t like pointlessly arguing details. So let’s just say that no matter who you consult, from the ancient storytellers to Stephen Hawking to the Dalai Lama to Muhammad to Billy Graham, they all agree that

— and a lot of shit happened along the way.  

Let’s eat.


This is why psychologist[9] says, “We believe that the world is made of objects. I would like to propose that the world is made out of chaos and order.” 

You might say that this-

— represents you and me and all the ordered complexities life on earth. And now, all of life on earth seems to be on an unstoppable quest to turn chaos into order. 

[1] More like an expansion.  Ethan Siegel, The Big Bang Wasn’t The Beginning, After All; https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/the-big-bang-wasnt-the-beginning-after-all-81844b973333

[2] Or are they “rabbit trails?”  This was a rabbit trail.

[3] Or is it, “that came out of?”

[4] (I am not the lady selling healing crystals in the strip mall.  Just chill.  Science is amazing.)

[5] Babylonian. Marduk is a younger god – masculine power/strength/order – who slays the older goddess Tiamut – feminine grace/beauty/chaos – and out of this, voila!  The earth is made from her body.   Power bringing chaos to order.  They weren’t as dumb as you think back then.  See John A. Bloom and C. John Collins, Creation accounts and near eastern Religions. https://www.equip.org/article/creation-accounts-ancient-near-eastern-religions/https://www.equip.org/article/creation-accounts-ancient-near-eastern-religions/

[6]As evolutionary biologists would agree.

[7] Quit expecting footnotes for ubiquitous sources, you lazy bum.  Ancient Creation Texts.  Google, people.

[8] Genesis 1:1-3

[9] I won’t mention his name because he is controversial. But you can find him at www.jordanbpeterson.com. Or this talk, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOgSqHtTtHY


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