6. Everything is Power

Note: This is the next part of a book release!  Table of Contents.

The weird gets weirder here, but then it will start to make more sense.  A lot of things confused me until the fateful day I discovered this:

Power = Order-Chaos.  

That little tidbit took me 35 years.  

Power is quite the strange result of particles slamming into earth at 300,000 m/s.[1]

Washington politics and Wall Street firms are just a compounding of 4 billion years of a relentless photon attack on a cold, chaotic rock.

Power is also what we get when energy (photons) combines with resources (earth).

P = E + R

Power always gravitates towards and spirals into more power, as if it has an appetite for more of itself.  Why?  Ask me in 35 years.

To get it, Power must consume more resources or energy. When it does, the power sort of multiplies and folds in on itself.  It becomes stored, and we call that….order.  

So, this is a cyclical chicken-or-egg thing, yes. Order is excess power stored efficiently.  Like folded laundry.  Or money in a bank account.  Or rollover minutes.[2] And really powerful power is…excess order. 

There is potential in the ordering itself. Confusing, I know.

Think of it like this:

Example 1: A black Labrador rescued from the Shelter costs about $150.  But this trained black Labrador guide dog for the Blind is worth about $50,000[3].  The real cost isn’t the muscle and skin and bones, but the training and ordering of the dog/s brain synapses and muscle memory into that of a legit guide dog.

Example 2: The word processor I am using is nothing more than billions of switches on a little piece of silicon.  The little piece of silicon is near worthless, except all of those switches happen to be programmed perfectly to be on/off in the exact order needed to make this computer function. 

So when you get a bunch of stuff ordered together, it is a storehouse of potential awesomeness ready to be spent.

Order IS power. 

If you’re a math nerd, think about it like this:  Power is the difference between the amount of order and chaos in a room.

Order – Chaos = Power.

If you’re an MMA fighter:  Power is how bad order pummels chaos.

If you’re a tidy person:  Power is the difference between a clean house and a disaster.

Power, then, is like the potential energy your Jr. High science teacher taught you about. 

If you roll a boulder up a mountain, you are putting energy into a resource.  Power.

— which may or may not turn into a crashing avalanche of destruction one day.

Almost everything we see, hear, smell, do, make, and experience, is a product of power. 

When you are saving money, you are doing this:

You now have the potential to spend it!  Good for you!  Now go, retire in Tahiti, you.

When you clean up your house, the trash is empty, and the dishes are stacked away, you are here:

Good for you!  You can now plop on the sofa and throw your socks on the floor like an animal while you drink a well-deserved pilsner.

When you relax and drink that brew, you are fueling up with more energy to spend:

Okay, you get it.  Those are all easy to see.  So let’s dive a tad deeper. 

Relationships are power.  You had to carefully order your stories to sync with one another’s.[4] We call it “liking” people.

It’s really, really important that we pause here to take stock that virtually everything we have is made of power.

Good health is power, because it means your body is maintained in optimal working order.

Education is power, because your synapses had to be ordered in a way that syncs with reality and the narrative of the Human Collective.

Reputation is power, because you had to be honest and give to others in order to build trust, and not take shortcuts.

Physical energy is power, because you are rested, restored and ready to put your body to service.

Creative energy is power because your brain is inspired and ready to make great new things. 

Emotional energy is power, because you can only listen to somebody bitch about their problems for so long before you have the life sucked out of you.   A to the men, sisters.

Positivity is power,because the default state of the human brain in nature is fear.  Positivity requires safety, stability, and emotional attachment.  These cost big time.

In fact, anything that must be worked for, fought for, assembled, created, restored, or put in order is power.  The work of previous generations who built our buildings and figured out calculus for us were passing down accumulating power, and we inherited it.

But all power came from somewhere.   We call these somewheres “resources”.  


Yes, this is getting annoying, but resources are just lower forms of power, in all the potential they contain.  Every resource can be used for whatever purpose we decide.

Energy is a resource because no one else has spent that particular energy yet.

A clear stream is a resource because no one else has extracted or used/polluted the water.

A tree is a resource because it is full of energy and potential just standing in the woods uncut.

Get it?  Okay, but let’s go further.  Unseen resources matter.  

A blank canvas is a resource because no one else has spoiled it yet.  Potential.

A quiet room is a resource because no one else is filling it up with sounds to be heard.

Visual space is a resource because you aren’t being distracted or —

An open calendar slot is a resource.  Potential time.

A listening friend is a resource.  Potential attention and care.

A Facebook network that you’ve not yet nagged with your kids’ school fundraisers is a resource because they haven’t unfollowed you.  Yet.

These resources are like mountains available to some of us, potential energy yet unspent.  

But one day…

               We finally ask those Facebook friends to buy our kids’ cookie dough.   Unfollowed.

 We dump our problems onto a listening friend.   Bluh.

We crank up the music and drown out the quiet.   Huh??

We paint the picture.  Done.

We drink the water.  Gone.

We spend the resource and let the boulder roll down towards chaos and emptiness.

In a healthy world, order and chaos are kept in balance. 

That damn yin-yang again.

Too much chaos kills us, and too much order is suffocating and oppressive.

You intuitively know this.  Do you really want to live in a house like this?

With— dear, God — polished floors?  No, no you don’t. And if you do, I don’t want to be your friend. Too much order produces communist governments and dictatorships.  Too much order breeds profectionists.[5]

No one should have too much order.   Because, what’s the point if you’re never going to spend it?

Health is a rhythmic balance.   

We eat and then go burn it off.  We breathe in, then breathe out.  We save money — and spend it.  We clean the house, then live in it.  We get healthy, then spend our health on a life of meaning. 

But why?

This, as I can tell, is the 8-billion person question.   

All of us are living towards something, whether we acknowledge it or not.   

You clean your house in order to raise a healthy family there or have friends over.  You drink the water in order to sustain physical health.  You crank up the music in order to fill your soul with emotion.

It all came from somewhere.   And it all is going somewhere.

[1] Those particles themselves aren’t even the beginning, but this has to start somewhere.  While we’re in the footnotes, look at a photon, for crying out loud.  Its already a few steps up the hierarchy of order.  Mind blown.

[2] Kids, we used to have these cell phones that…. never mind.

[3] https://puppyintraining.com/how-much-does-a-guide-dog-cost/

[4] Yes, that’s how we fall in love – or just find that friend we’re in sync with.  All we are doing is essentially aligning our narratives and feeling safety from the commonality.  More on that later. 

[5] I did that just to piss you off.

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