7. It All Came From Somewhere

Note: This is part of a book release!

This is going somewhere, I promise.”  – Seth

[1] It all came from our parents, at least for us.  They themselves were already mountains of order of quarks rolled into atoms rolled into molecules.  Roll that in and let’s just say these fine folks gave us all the power we humans have:

Momma Earth spun out of his side over 4 billion years ago, like a piece of flesh.[2]  The ancient storytellers have long had a sense that we were born from the earth.  Native American Apaches told of Isanaklesh, the conception of earth as Mother. The Phrygians told of Cybele.  The Hindus have Mula Prakriti.

In the Genesis account, Chava (Eve) was the mother of all the living.  She was taken from the side of the dude, Adam. There was a pre-existing unity, then the girl was yanked out.

Now, life is born in that thin place where the order from the sun collides with the cold chaos of earth:  the biosphere. [3]

It’s as if the Sun’s rays impregnated Momma earth (gross, I know) with living energy, and she gave birth to algae, trees, animals, and us.  Maybe this is why the ancient mythologies insisted on earth being a she.  Fertile, that queen.

So, essentially, our material resources come from this girl:

But our energy comes from this guy:

And our lives are comprised of combining their forces into forms of power to create order.  And spend it. That pretty much sums up all human activity.

We might also say that

Power = Resources x Energy

Put another way, we get all the mass from the planet we live on, and virtually all our energy from the sun. [4]

99% of all energy on earth comes from this magnificent ball of nuclear fusion we happen to sit beside.[5]  And every living thing. Including you and I and your boss and your crazy in-law and your Aloe Vera plant and your dog and your real estate agent and the coronavirus, are all scrambling for a piece of it. 

Let’s take a sanity break.


So we’re all fighting for earth and sunlight, even, unfortunately, at the beach. 

Quite the Prize, apparently.

On one hand, there’s a lot of it.  It’s a big earth, and Daddy Sun continuously smatters her with about 173 quadrillion watts of light energy.[6]  On the other hand, We capture only a tiny fraction of it, and with this little daily dose of photons in this tiny sliver of a biosphere, sprang all the life we know of in the universe.

[1] If you’re a young earth creationist, skip this section and let’s still love each other.

[2] 4.6 billion years ago, the earth and the planets spun out of the sun.  Pretty great.

[3] The biosphere pretty much contains every single living thing on earth, from the deepest ocean life to the highest flying critters, and its only 12 miles thick!  Compare that to the earth+atmosphere radius of over 4,000 miles!  If the earth were an NBA basketball the biosphere would be as thin as 3 sheets of notebook paper. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/biosphere/

[5] The other 1%?  Geothermal.  The sun gave us that too, a long, long time ago.

[6] Honestly seems like abuse to me, but I guess traditions were different 4 billion years ago.  https://phys.org/news/2011-10-vast-amounts-solar-energy-earth.html

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